We are a church that places the highest priority on pursuing a thriving relationship with a loving and limitless God, as we simultaneously love one another with the same passion. As a multi-generational and multi-cultural group of Believers, we are accepting of all people and committed to the process of their salvation, indiscriminate of status, worldview, ethnicity, gender or political affiliation. We value the teaching of God’s Word and weekly fellowship as we worship together in our gatherings, believing that there is power available when we worship corporately. We invite you to join us as we discover what Heaven looks like when it appears on earth!


Our Mission

To see communities, families and individuals restored!

To preach the gospel of Jesus with Truth, Relevancy, Power, and Passion!

To empower all 3 current generations to live in faith with confidence.

To create a regional influence that leaves a lasting legacy.

Our Vision

To establish the undeniable testimony of the Lordship of Jesus Christ.


Senior Pastors Troy & Rebecca Thompson

Senior Pastors

Troy & Rebecca Thompson


Campus Pastors

Pastors Troy & Rebecca Thompson

Lorain Campus Pastor

Pastor Jeremiah Burris

Cleveland Campus Pastor & Youth Pastor

Avon Lake Campus Pastor Mary and Adrian White

Mary & Adrian White

Avon Lake Campus Pastor

Wickliffe Campus Pastor Marlon and Michelle Sadler

Marlon & Michelle Sadler

Wickliffe Campus Pastor