CNC Grow

CNC Grow is a twelve or twenty-four week class that introduces the believer to kingdom living. In the span of 4 course sessions the believer will understand their Decision, learn about this new life of Discipleship , and find their purpose in Discovery. For those who desire more, Deeper is an extensive course that dives into the Word of God on a theological level. For more information: info@cnclove.org.

Life Groups and Classes

We believe relationship with one another is a vital part of life in the kingdom.   Life groups and Classes are a great way to establish community and develop friendships that strengthen and empower the believer. To learn more contact us at info@cnclove.org.


North Coast School of Supernatural Ministry is an equipping and training center for those hungry for revival and transformation. We are creating a culture where we learn and practice His identity, presence and power all centered in His love. Join us on a journey into the realm of the impossible, a heavenly adventure where no one dare travel without God.